Communicating with your down line.

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To build any business from scratch you need to be able to communicate with both your personally sponsored members & your sponsor.

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Peter Paterson - GDI Affiliate

Getting Started - Tips & Tricks.

The Back Office Tour.

If you need a reminder about the GDI opportunity please watch the video presentation above and then complete the simple sign up form.

Once you login to the GDI website, you will be presented with a top menu bar which looks like the one below.

Starting from the left hand side:

Presentation - Opens a new tab and let's you see the sales & video page.

Account Home - This is your back-office and the current page you are on.

Support Tab - Self Explanatory. Need help click here.

FAQ - Try this prior to asking support. Commonly asked questions.

Log Out. - Logs you out of your account.

Click on this button to access 32 How To Training Videos.

Access your affiliate control area and it's your "command center" for building your .ws business.

Set-up your email accounts & build your website with all the tools in this section. 

Update your personal data within this section.

Log in to GDI...

Left Click on Downline Button.

Left Click on Contact Your Downline. 

You will see a screen with your details at the top.

Enter your subject - I use >

Support from (Enter Your Name Here) your GDI Sponsor in Scotland. 

Welcome to my GDI Team.

I use GDI purely for the domain.
Best Monthly $10 Investment. 
This gives my SFI down line a training website to view when I am off line.
As long as you keep your domain active. 
YOU will have access to my SFI training links I keep updated.  
Team Support is the key to success.

This is how My Sponsor Maree exploded her SFI down line to over 5578 combined Psa and Csa with in 11 months.

Achieving Platinum Team Leader Monthly and Level 5 in the Leadership SFI Challenges.

View and duplicate

I suggest you have this website open in a second browser window to refer to when Participating.

True 24/7 support for all your down line when off line, giving them access to your Cash Generating Website.

1000, hits to your SFI website Plus Maree will log in and design your SFI training website. Duplicating my website.

YES GDI is great for earning long term residual income. 

Simple $1 earnings can soon add up and can be paying you $100's monthly. 

Works for me. 

Need help reply to this email.

24/7 support.

Once you are happy with your message you need to

Select Send Test Email Only.

This will send a single copy of your composed message to your registered email address to allow for checking.

Things you should check for:

Spelling mistakes.

That all the links work and go to the correct address.

The correct recipients name is in the email. 

Once you are happy 

Then click grey box - Send Email to Downline

This queues your message on the system ready to be sent to your downline.

How To Shuffle Your Downline Team Members:

Under Affiliates Section.

Left Click on Downlines Button.

When you access this screen you will see a message in Green Writing.

GDI - How to shuffle your downline - image

Click Move Downline Members.

A list will appear which looks like this:

GDI - How to shuffle your downline - image

Step 1. If you have members eligible to move, you need to put a tick in the box next to each member you wish to move.

Step 2. Then below this list. The box will show you a list of your Down Line members who you can move these members to.

Step 3. You then need to put a tick in the box next to the member you wish to receive the selected member from Step 1.

Step 4. Confirm Down Line Move.

Step 5. Tick the box to confirm you have read & understood the terms & conditions. 

Step 6. Click the grey box. Confirm Move.

A couple of final hints & tips for you. 

Teams Activity. 

Step 1. To view your Teams Activity, click on Down load Tree Format.

Down line Legend:

> Green - Active.

> Blue - Trial.

> Yellow - Special Trial

> Thorn - Inactive

> Grey - Deactivated 

It is sad when I see so many members giving up before they have even got started. Jumping from one program to the next, always chasing the next shiny object, and then given up when they can't make money online. 

Take a moment to consider this:

With the correct tools, a little bit of passion, motivation & hard work, every-one can make money on-line. 

The way we can all do this is to pick a reputable company which has consistently payed it's affiliates.

GDI has been paying month after month for over 15 years. 

My desire and passion is to provide a long term sustainable income for my family. My hope is that by putting together this website potential affiliates can see the long term benefits derived from working this business consistently over the years.

What am I using GDI & the power of 3 for: 

I am using GDI to build my pension.

GDI will be the best $10 monthly investment for me.

It will return me hundreds of dollars into my Paypal account each month. 

Looking forward to working with you... If you are serious about building a residual income....

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