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How Do I Start receiving E Mails from GDI informing Me of My Duplication Bonus. 

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To Help Our Team Build Duplication. We Randomly Re-assign Members to our Active GDI Team Leaders.

WOW! We knew you could do it!

Hopefully you see all of the benefits involved with the GDI Duplication Bonus.

If not, here's what just happened:

  • You just earned a $250 GDI Duplication Bonus for helping 10 personally referred new customers in your downline complete their GDI Learning Bonus.
  • The 10 new customers you helped will be paid a $25 GDI Learning Bonus.
  • You now have 10 downline members on their way to earning their first Duplication Bonus, earning you more monthly commissions!
  • You can start earning your next GDI Duplication Bonus right now, because they're UNLIMITED.
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    You help your signups, they help their signups and the end result is that EVERYONE wins! Remember this lesson: Duplication - Maximum Reward for minimum effort. You earn once - you build commissions for a lifetime...

    To view your bonus, log in to your members area and click the Commissions button on the left menu. You should see a $250 Duplication Bonus! You can also view the accounts that helped to complete your bonus on the GDI Duplication Bonus section of GDI Bonuses. 

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    What is Duplication?

    Duplication is the

    To unlock the

    GDI Training Bonus.  How Do I Achieve It?

    Log into GDI by clicking on the link (or by copying the address into your browser window.)

    You will see the following screen: 

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    Look at the menu on the Left Hand Side of the page. Under Affiliate, you will see GDI Bonuses. Click on this button.

    You have 8 weeks from your signup date to complete all items and claim your $25 bonus. 

    This bonus IS achievable, GO GET IT! 

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    Important! Please take a note of the date your bonus expires.

    Set your goals to achieve this bonus. 

    The order I use to complete the bonus is outlined below. 

    Step 1.

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    Create a "GDI" email address. When completed 20% of your bonus will be completed. (Note the email must be to qualify).

    Click on email address link. A New window will open which looks like the image below. 

    Email Set-up box - GDI  - Image

    Insert gdi

    Insert Password

    Confirm Password.

    Click Create Mailbox Button. 

    A confirmation will be sent to your registered email address (the one you used on signup)

    Step 2.

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    Set up your Preferred Commission Payment Method.

    Click on the link Preferred Commission Method. A new window opens. Read the information and then select change to and click on your preferred method. Also update the minimum amount you prefer to receive. You will also need to complete your Paypal payment email address if your preferred method is Paypal.

    With steps 1 & 2 complete you have completed 30% of your sign-up bonus.

    Step 3. 

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    Trial Conversion. (Achieve Active Status).  

    Receive this once you pay your $10 for the first Month at GDI (after the 7 day trial period finishes).

    Step 4.

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    Send at least 10 Invites using GDI Inviters.

    Click Invites. A new window will open. Complete the Form. You are looking for 10 friends, family or your top SFI Movers etc to send this invite to. (Important do not Spam!)

    Step 5.

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    Please create your Website using either Sitebuilder, or Wordpress. 

    I add your website link when I design your website.

    Step 6.

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    Directly refer 1 Converted Affiliate. (Signup went ACTIVE at End of Trial Period) 

    Need help email me to see if I can give you a sign up

    The FINAL Step is to receive confirmation from GDI that you have Successfully completed Learning Bonus period in good standing. (worth 20%)

    So How Do I Turn My $25 Learning Bonus into $250 Duplication Bonus? 

    Get Exited. Get Busy. Get Promoting & you will have a steam of notifications like this:

    How do I communicate with my GDI Team

    GDI Hints & Tips 

    Connect through our Social Media accounts below:

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    After Logging In. You will see various menus. Let's cover these: