Peter Paterson - GDI Affiliate

It can be quite frustrating for Newbies.

When they first try to register the domain at GDI.

I get numerous emails daily asking for support on how to register.  So I designed this simple step by step chart to follow.


Feel Free to share with your team when they request support also. 

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Step 1.

Red Check Arrow - Image

Click this link to sign up with GDI.

Click on Red Flashing Button that says:

Step 2.

Red Check Arrow image
Red sign up button image

A page will appear which looks like this.

Register for GDI Page image

Complete each field in turn. Think carefully about your username, as this will be both your domain name and affiliate ID. My one is sixfigureonline for example. 

Select individual rather than business.

Click on red button to continue. 

On the next screen you need to select your security questions.

Select from each drop down list on the left and complete your answer in the box on the right.

Answer the question: Why are you registering with us today?

Select Interested in both the Income for Life & the Address for Life Package.

Put Tick the circle using your mouse. 

Complete the Verification, that you are not a robot.

Then click on the continue button.

A green tick should then appear. 

Register for GDI Page image

We now need to complete our Contact Information.

Check each field is completed properly as the page will not move on if there is an error present.

When fully completed. Click on the RED Button to continue.

Search for your domain here!

Enter a domain name in the box you will see.

This is how you brand yourself?

I suggest use the same username with all your affiliate programs.  Take your time to select a catchy Domain Name. Keeping it short and sweet. Eg


You will now get the default message: 

"Some domains you might be interested in:"

Do not change.

Leave it as a .ws domain.

It will tell you if the domain is available.

Example is AVAILABLE!

Click the Green Box Add domain to cart.

A red box will appear top Right.

CLICK Proceed to  cart.

A Page will appear! YOUR Shopping Cart.

Domain Name Domain Privacy Amount Plan Type

Bundle a .website domain - only $1 per month!
(includes full monthly services!)
$10 Month to Month

Total Due Now: $0

Total Due in 7 days: $10


Click The Red Button! 

Proceed to Check Out to Complete the sign up.

Choose Your Service Plan

A word of caution here: GDI offers two service plans. We only need to use the basic as this is mainly for the domain.

Select Basic Plan.

You will now be taken to the Payment Options Page. Click the red box. You will see pay with Paypal or Credit Card.

If this is a free trial, why do you need payment information now?

Once your free 7-day trial has ended, your domain(s) will be automatically

renewed so you can continue using our services without interruption.

Congratulations you have completed the sign-up process. Welcome to GDI.

You can access you account by going here:

Insert your username & Password and click purple Sign In Button.

Remind me again, how much I could possibly earn with GDI

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Peter Paterson - GDI Affiliate - Image
Peter Paterson - GDI Affiliate - Image
Peter Paterson - GDI Affiliate - Image
Peter Paterson - GDI Affiliate - Image
Peter Paterson - GDI Affiliate - Image
Peter Paterson - GDI Affiliate - Image